Sound Deadening

so my sound deadening guide for the cabin of the car:


  • Second Skin Audio Luxury Liner Pro
  • Second Skin Audio Damplifier Pro

Yellow = Luxury Liner Pro Only
Green = Luxury Liner Pro & Damplifier
Red = Damplifier Only



IMAG1552-2 IMAG1554-2 IMAG1557-2 IMAG1558-2i also did the ceiling and the c-pillars with damplifier.

When i use the damplifier i tile the crap out of it, maybe 40% coverage at most. i just use large sheets of the luxury line and placed them under the carpet without removing the fron seats or the carpet from the car. the headliner wasn’t removed, but loosened and all behind the sunroof was tiled. the front doors got it and i didn’t get the back doors. the back seat was done from both sides, and the rear deck was also done on both sides. i put a sheet of LLP around the shifter, but there is a stock piece in there normally that i do not have.

as mentioned before – the roof was an awesome improvement. the front doors helped as well.


also for the shifter noise i lost a lot with some Luxry Liner pro in the shifter housing inside – right under the plastic – it helped with a lot of transmission noise as well – cut a hole for the shifter and cut to fit the area – simple piece but was awesome