Re-Pin Toyota & Lexus Connectors

So this is sort of to brag on my self, but really to tell you guys that it’s pretty darn simple. As the cars get older the connectors get brittle and break and the wires in them aren’t any different. my plastic connectors are ok, but the wires are quickly deteriorating.

so i started looking around, I had a few spare plastic connectors (naked) and started trying to figure out how to de-pin them (and later re-pin them) I purchased a ton of pins and wire seals a little while back, so now I was ready for what lay ahead.

I used a tiny jewelers screwdriver to release them (once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty simple) I found the manual on line and it was of no help. but with a little work and some sense it’s not too hard to figure out.

pins removed from MAF sensor (look at the wires all chewed up):


Took my pins and seals and rewired the harness using 16ga wire to make a pig tail:

I did the same for my OCV connector to end up with this:

I’mexcited that i learned to do this as i believe it makes things easier than purchasing pig tails or plugs, terminals and seals to assemble your own pigtails.

How To:

step one, get a box.

I kid

so to start get something long and skinny (insert pun here). I like the jewelers screw drivers, I got mine at radioshack:

find the connector lock (the white thing) and pull it out:

take flat head and drag it along the pin in the channel on the white piece until you feel a slight resistance, push past this (but gently) until you can’t insert it any more:


then you should be able to pull the wire out from the back side:

to repin, leave the lock out and stick the pin in (wings should face down towards the lock, open crimp area towards the plug release tab).


This is a proper crimp with a wire seal: