R154 Short Shifter

I had one made, and it turned out amazingly.

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something then have to put a ton of work into it, nor did I want to have to change the shifter stock to the aristo.

I also couldn’t freaking stand smashing up my center console every time I shifted gears using the 93 SC shifter……

Instead I started thinking and with the help of some friends here in the Atlanta area, we have a pretty darn awesome short shifter.

I started with my stock w55 shifter that was removed with a meager 20k miles on it, and i also purchased a short shifter from Drift Motion  and I asked some kind folks to graft them together to make a stock sounding/feeling but shorter throw shifter.

A little while later I got back in the car and it was night and day… super short throw, crisp feeling and vibrations are dampened.. amazing.

 I am super ecited how this turned out and my friends did an amazing job.  I now have a short shifter on my r154 after 7 or 8 years of being miserable with the long sloppy throws.

I would say that the throw was probably cut in half or super close to it. feels solid and notchy, one of the better shifters I have ever felt.

One of the first things I did was to polished the ball so that it would shift nice and smooth.  I believe this helps with the smoothness and overall feel of the shifter.


finished product installed:


Here’s a video of how it performs: