IS300 LED Bulbs All Around

I fell in love with the idea of LED bulbs as my side markers went out and i replaced them with LED bulbs – it was such a pain i never wanted to do it again. With this thought i decided to go and replace almost all the bulbs in the car with LED bulbs. I had found a brand that i trust and liked – VLEDS. It all started with the side markers, then the interior bulbs, then onto more serious things.

I have attached a bulb guide which you should see in the navigation pane. I will also detail bulbs to purchase from VLEDS.

As I mentioned, the side markers were the first and outside of some interior bulbs are the easiest to do.  i stayed with all stock color schemes but you can do whatever color you want.


These problems exist due to the significantly reduced resistance of the LED bulb compared to the LED bulb.  I did not want to use resistors, one of the delightful benefits of having LED bulbs is they consume less power and are not as large of an amp draw on the car.  The use of resistors sort of ruins that idea.

Problem 1

When you do the turn signals you will get hyper flashing.  this is irritating to you and to those around you.  Please fix it.

I used this particular flasher module.  To replace the module, pull off the drivers side outside kick panel.  on the back side of the fuse/relay block the flasher module is located.  Remove all the 10mm bolts and pull the fuse block out as far as you can.  This thing is wired in there pretty heavily its not easy to get out.  once you have enough room, remove the flasher relay, it’s the bright red one if it’s factory, and install your new one.IMG_1333



Problem 2

When you replace the tail lights you will get a tail bulb out light.  Find the bulb out module, it is on the drivers side in the trunk behind the wheel well.  pull back the trunk lining and reach into the hole and you will find the module.  Pull it out and depin the connector of the green wire with the purple stripe.  I have yet to identify any ill effects due to this mod other than no more bulb out warning.  if you have a bulb out – you will have to go find out the hard way.




The Turn signals and break lights have been a concern to many people as they might not be bright enough during the day.  I have been perfectly pleased with the brightness of both. Below you will find some videos of the LED turn signals in both day light and in the dark of the night.



My Bulb Size Guide