Hood Insulation

after a ton of research on the internet which was mostly inconclusive, I decided to start experimenting. Heat shield is heat shield (for the most part) I did my research as far as noise and heat and came up with what I thought was a pretty good solution.

DEI Floor and Tunnel Shield II (42″x48″ roll – i bought 2 only used 3/4 of one)
DEI Cool Tape (45′ of 1.5″ – use the 60′ of 2″ if you do this yourself)
Second Skin Damplifier Pro (1.7 sheets of B-Stock)
1 can of Invisible Glass ( you won’t need all of it)

My initial intentions were to cover everything in the Floor and Tunnel Shield II but i had never seen the stuff and didn’t know what it’s like, it’s a VERY thick foil, on the verge of sheet meat with fiberglass backing. That wasn’t going to work with the nooks and crannies. So keep with my latest, Project Civilize, I decided to quiet it down and reduce the heat coming off the hood so i didn’t have to wax it every other week.

I removed my battered and terrible looking stock hood insulation and cleaned under the hood with invisible glass. Yes it sounds weird but it leaves NOTHING behind and is great for pre-cleaning before sticking crap to a surface (at least i have found).

I applied damplifier to the outer skin of the hood (underneath it of course) I went for 40% ish coverage, probably turned out to be more like 30%. Basically cut a pretty decent tile to fit in the windows.

The i got a lot of computer paper and made cut outs of the windows to trace onto the Floor and Tunnel Shield to cut out to place in the windows.

Stuck the cut-outs in place and rolled it on with my wood roller to make sure it stuck. This stuff is SUPER sticky, once in place – it’s not moving. Be careful when and where you place it.

once all F&TS is in place i went around with the cool tape to clean up the edges and make it look a little nicer. I still need more cool tape (going to use the 2″ to fill in the gaps but i had to order it).

When i put the hood down it came down with a heavy thud and no more tinny clang.

My first drive I was amazed that i could hardly hear the engine anymore – but I could hear the turbo spool like crazy, I guess the sound insulation is for the lower frequencies and still allow the high ones to get through. I drove up the interstate to the gym and then back home (after working out) which is about 10 miles away -ish and on the way home i didn’t take it easy. i parked the car once home and placed my hand on the hood where the turbo is, and it was cool, not like warm but ok to put my hand on – i mean cool – like the outside air (51ish).

so all in all i would consider this a very successful project. It was a pain in the ass – i ruined a pair of scissors (should have used shears but i don’t have any), sliced the crap out of my hands (i would wear gloves to do it again), but the hood is super solid, super cool, and i think it looks pretty cool, it’ll be better when the gaps are filled in.

I am happy with the results.

I didn’t get in process pics, I always tell myself i will then i get going and never stop to take pictures – sorry.


IMG_9732 IMG_9735 IMG_9737