I have had coilovers on my car since 2004 – in 2005 I installed JIC FLTA2’s then – the flagship coilover for JIC Magic.  after 10 years and 60k miles they have started to make some noises as well as the pillow ball’s just getting a bit noisy for my taste.

i alwasy wanted a 2 way adjustable coilover that’s height and preload adjustable.  I wasn’t sure what brand to get, but my friends over at zen motors have been big fans and users of Fortune Auto coilovers.  I called them up and their ability to do everything custom is awesome,  i told them what i wanted, and many weeks later i had custom spring rates, custom valving, on both rebound and compression – complete with shock dyno graph of my shocks!  very very cool.


The Fortune Auto Dreadnaught 2 way Gen5 2 way


I did the 500 piston, and it is incredibly compliant on the road, incredibly comfortable, way more than the JIC’s



Mounting the remote reservoir was a giant PITA, I mean huge.  I had to cut a hole in the flange for the front wheels where i could get a worm clamp through it and tie it down.  i just couldn’t get it to fit anywhere else.

I was surprised that when i played with the heights before the install and set overall length the same as the JIC’s – that didn’t go well – i had to lower all four corners