TUI Industries

TUI Group offers several services, Engineering Services, custom PC services, Automotive Electronics and Tuning work, and Automotive hardware for performance applications.


TUI Advisory provides Business Consulting and Advisory Services.  We specialize in all aspects of operations and supply chain.  Our true specialty is Manufacturing operations, but have experience in Automotive, HVAC, Digital Marketing, Banking, Insurance, Rail, Equipment Design, Food and Beverage Industries.  If it is process oriented, it is our wheelhouse.


TUI Defense is division that is dedicated to the 2nd amendment and the rights it affords.  We specialize as a seller of top products for the industry, and only products that we would recommend ourselves.  We have reviews, videos, and product guides to help decision making and further the passion for self and home defense or any shooting sports.



Engineering Services

We have degreed Engineers waiting to help you.  We offer near 24 hour service for trouble shooting or new hardware installation, manufacturing engineering solutions, product design, drafting, and Finite Element analysis.  We have a limited machine shop but very capable people running it.  Contact us to see if we can help you!



Custom PC

We can also provide Custom PC services, We have been building and maintaining custom PC’s for many years and understand how to build machines based on specific needs.

We can build excellent gaming rigs based on budgett, space allowed, noise level, upgradeability or simply performance.

We can also build Work machines, if all you need is email, document reading and writing there is no need for high powered custom cased machine, we can come up with a machine to suit your needs.

We can cater to the drafters as well, If you need a Drafting PC we can help, once again based on any factor you need.

We don’t only build machines we can upgrade existing machines as well as setup home and small business networking.  We can provide on site support as well including virus and ad/spyware removal and protection.



Automotive Services

If you seek our automotive services please go to the TUI Motorsports  page listed on the right.

If we aren’t satisfied with the product ourselves we will not let it reach the customer.