AEM EMS v1 for IS300 for sale

based of so 30-1050 box, with modified internals and custom firmware (n1.11). the “Turbo East” AEM EMS or “Nigel AEM” was one of the first ones out there. It has a great map on it, and it is all set-up to plug and start the car.

I am selling the box only, make your own harness and the box is a solid box, I used it for many years (8 or 9 years) I can still plug it into the car and drive off; timing control is awesome.

I am selling since I recently move to the AEM v2

to make a harness isn’t that hard, plug and pin kit for a 30-1050 box is available on amazon for not a ton of money and i can provide instructions and all firmware that you need. i can get pictures of the box if you like but it looks like an aem. it sat under the seat for a long time.

I am looking for $600 which includes a solid map for 630cc injectors on 264 cams. i have a slew of maps for 630cc and stock cams as well – all are solid maps – literally probably 100 maps and corresponding logs ( I like to do save as a lot). I will even through in wiring instructions for you, along with instructions to make fancy goodies to run CEL free, if I have some of the goodies I will through those in too.

With this unit and my fancy goodies, I passed GA emissions with some tuning work and could get 27 or better MPG.