TUI Motorsports has a select few of bespoke products that are for sale.  Most products were designed for a 2jz application, but since most ECU’s are very similar in terms of signals, some of these products can be used interchangeably.

There is also a used parts section of items for sale, please feel free to peruse used items, all are tested and in good working condition.


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Used Items

Genuine Advan RCII wheels 17×7.5 + 50 [SOLD]

I have a set of 4 genuine Advan Racing RCII that were in fact shipped over from Japan, not overnighted.  They are in good shape […]


JIC FLT-A2 for a Lexus IS300 For Sale [SOLD]

I have a set of JIC FLT-A2 Coilovers for an IS300 that are used but still in good shape.  I thought they were making noises […]


AEM EMS v1 for IS300 for sale

based of so 30-1050 box, with modified internals and custom firmware (n1.11). the “Turbo East” AEM EMS or “Nigel AEM” was one of the first […]